Anxiety Therapist 

Benefits of Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

1. It’s Powerful & Practical

  • ISTDP, a powerful, clinically proven therapy, may help you pinpoint and tolerate the emotions that trigger anxiety
  • ISTDP may teach you anxiety-management skills that empower you to reduce your anxiety independently
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2. Emotional & Physical Relief

  • ISTDP may help reduce anxiety’s uncomfortable, physical symptoms
  • ISTDP may help you feel emotionally settled, like your best self
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3. It’s Life Affirming

  • ISTDP may give you hope that anxiety doesn’t have to run you
  • With anxiety out of the picture, you can focus on what really matters
  • ISTDP may help you become comfortable with your feelings. Then you can trust yourself to make decisions.
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4. Anxiety Road Map

  • ISTDP offers the therapist a road map through the “traffic” of anxiety
  • This road map helps the therapist and the client find the path to healing
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5. It Can Save Time & Money

  • ISTDP may reduce a wide range of core issues in a minimal amount of sessions compared to the time and financial investment required by traditional psychotherapy.
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