About Kessler

Therapy with Kessler: An Investment in Yourself & Your Family

Bargain therapy is like fast fashion: While the price tag is appealing, the product unravels when put through the wash cycle of life. I’m offering you an enduring, quality product, a chance to invest in your health, your relationships, your profession, your legacy. I’m formally trained in ISTDP therapy, which is clinically proven to require less time than other therapies, which means you’ll, ultimately, save time and money.

Efficient, Effective Therapy

A client paid me a compliment recently. “What I really like about you is that you don’t mess around!” Clients appreciate that I’m gently direct, a straight shooter, who sincerely wants to help you feel better as quickly as prudently possible. (Raise your hand if you want your therapy to drag on indefinitely…)

“Buyer Beware” When Therapist Shopping

My Background

To be deeply helpful to you, I have ensured my training has been specialized, extensive, and constant. To me, quality matters. Here are some highlights of
my training:

I'm Ready To Help You Heal