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How Can I Treat My Anxiety?

I’m an anxiety therapist in Easton, Maryland. I offer exquisite, moment-to-moment attention to the anxiety that interferes with facing and resolving emotional problems.

There are four levels of anxiety, and each level contains a unique list of physical symptoms. I’m trained to understand which interventions lower each level of anxiety. All the while, clients learn how to give themselves the same focused attention and effective interventions to manage their anxiety independently.

Once clients experience the thrill of effectively regulating their own anxiety, they can eliminate the intimidation factor anxiety disorders have held over them.

What To Expect During An Anxiety Therapy Session?

In our sessions, clients learn how to comfortably observe their anxiety so they can independently tend to it. Once clients experience the thrill of effectively regulating their own anxiety, they can eliminate the intimidation factor anxiety disorders have held over them.

As we progress in our work, observing and intervening on anxiety, clients gain a sense of power, control, and confidence. Most importantly, they learn how to independently regulate their anxiety, which brings increased emotional strength and stability.

I’m an anxiety therapist in Easton, Maryland. I’m trained to spot the signs of anxiety disorders, how to treat anxiety, and how to carefully pace therapy so it’s comfortable. We can work together in person or via teletherapy.

Anxiety Therapist In Easton, MD

I have more than a decade of specific training in anxiety treatment. Anxiety is one of the most misunderstood mental-health conditions and medical issues of our time. (True Story: I once attended an anxiety lecture, where the presenting clinician recalled sending a client away because he was “too anxious” for therapy! That’s like a doctor sending you home because you’re too sick for medicine…)

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Anxiety is a symptom, a powerful clue that always leads us to an emotional problem. I encourage you not to get stuck in the identity of someone who “has anxiety.” Perhaps it’s worth looking under anxiety’s uncomfortable symptoms with me to see what’s revving its engine.


Does your current therapist know these anxiety facts? If not, perhaps you’re ready to contact me.

Anxiety Therapist Easton: Improving Your Everyday Life


What Are The Reasons For Anxiety?

Anxiety is fired by emotions we’re intimidated to feel. Life experiences that bring doubt and change can be common triggers.


Decoding Anxiety

Other Types Of Anxiety Disorders

Panic Disorders

Characterized by panic attacks, also known as high anxiety.

Separation Anxiety

Characterized by dread of the actual, or anticipated, separation from a beloved person.


Characterized by the fear of being unable to escape a situation.


Characterized by fears ranging from crowds to bridges to certain animals and more.


Anxiety Therapist Maryland

Without a doubt, therapy for anxiety is worth it, especially if you want to explore treating anxiety without medications.

I use Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), which is specifically designed to treat anxiety.

ISTDP can reveal the root cause of your anxiety so that the resolution to anxiety is complete, not just a band aid. ISTDP can also teach clients how to independently regulate anxiety so that, potentially, therapy is short term.

While Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder are very different in root cause, it’s possible to have both at once. It can be common for multiple types of anxiety disorders to occur simultaneously

General anxiety disorder is characterized by constant worrying about everything and anything. Social anxiety disorder is characterized by fear of being negatively judged by others.

Therapy treatment length can depend on several factors, including the severity of a client’s trauma, the client’s dedication to the therapy, and the anxiety-treatment skill level of the therapist.

Effective anxiety treatment requires help from a well-trained mental-health professional. Natural solutions (over-the-counter medications/supplements) likely won’t help you understand the root cause of your anxiety.

Yes, anxiety can count as a disability. If anxiety is affecting a school-age person, accommodations can be available through psychologists.

Absolutely, anxiety is a mental-health condition and can be a symptom of an emotional problem.

Yes. Anxiety attacks caused by chronic stress can be easily treated using ISTDP therapy.

The physical symptoms of anxiety are real and wide ranging, from stomach pains to chest pains to headaches. If you’re experiencing anxiety you’re concerned is harmful to your health, please go to the nearest emergency room and follow up with a well-trained mental-health professional.

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