Individual Therapy

What Can Individual Therapy Help With?

Individual Therapy Can Relieve:

What To Expect In An Individual Therapy Session

We'll establish a specific emotional problem you want to address.

Look Closely
We'll get a clear understanding of the current issues this problem is causing in various areas of your life.

For Example
We'll work from a recent, specific example of this problem in action.

Ready, Set, Goals
We'll establish specific goals we want to achieve concerning this emotional problem.

Individual Therapy: Learn More

Welcome! I am a seasoned mental health professional, who provides individual therapy in Easton and online therapy in Maryland.

If you’re reading this, I am guessing your struggle is not resolving. I am also guessing that, while your mental health issues are uncomfortable, there may be hesitation to begin individual therapy sessions.

Therapy Secret #1

Everyone enters therapy with some degree of resistance. Everyone! When it comes to change, it’s totally normal to have an internal conflict—a collision between yes and no. Positives to individual therapy can also be the negatives.

This may sound like

In interpersonal psychotherapy, we don’t need to pretend the no’s aren’t there. It’s incredibly helpful to take a long, honest look at your hesitations to therapy and we can decide if they’re worth holding onto–or not.

Therapy Secret #2

No one ever enters therapy “all in.” The hesitation to begin individual psychotherapy is very normal.
If you choose to take the next step and call me, here is what I’ll say: Bring your hesitation with you, and give us the opportunity to meet.
Let’s see if we have the chemistry for a strong client-therapist relationship.

And if you choose to work with me, you’ll receive the best of my professional self.

What Is the Goal of Individual Therapy?

The Client Who Went to Therapy for His Therapist:
A Cautionary Tale.

True story: There was once a young man who was afraid to fire his unhelpful therapist because he didn’t want to hurt the therapist’s feelings.

“I’ve been going to my therapist for years,” the young man defeatedly explained to me, “and I’ve never been asked me about my therapy goals. But I know my therapist means well, and I don’t want to any feelings, so I’ll just keep going.”

And so his therapy slogged on for years. In the end what he gained from the therapeutic relationship was getting better at ignoring himself and perfecting the art of pleasing others, but not himself.

When to Rethink Your Therapist

Remember this about therapy: There is no need to settle for mediocre treatment.
If you are giving full effort in therapy, and you do not see steady, forward progress toward your goals, maybe it is time to rethink your therapist.

4 Signs You May Need to Rethink Your Therapist

Got Goals?

I was trained that one of the main objectives of individual counseling is to help you identify and achieve your therapy goals. The counseling process can be meandering and fruitless if therapy goals are not set immediately. After all, how can you know you have reached your destination if you do not know where you want to go?

My Therapy Style

Sharply Focused

Your mental-health goals are my singular priority in session.

Relief Centered

I am an experienced clinician with a knack for quickly identifying the root of your emotional problem.

Gently Direct

I am an empathetic
straight shooter.

Highly Interactive

I track closely with you, using a powerful, short-term therapy that can provide rapid relief.

Therapy Outcomes

What’s Your Therapy IQ?

What Is the Effectiveness of Individual Therapy Versus Group Therapy?

In individual psychotherapy, you will be the only client in the room and will, therefore, have my full attention. This will likely lead to shorter time in therapy and less expense. If you ’re happier in a community, sharing the therapist’s attention, group therapy may better suit you.

I’m a therapist offering individual therapy in Easton, Maryland. It’s my hope that I can help you quickly identify the problems you’re facing, offer you a roadmap through the problems, and strengthen your capacity to manage your emotions.


Individual Therapy Easton

At the beginning of therapy, you and I will establish your goals. Once you find that you have reached your goals, we’ll either add new goals or therapy will likely come to a close.

Seeing two mental health professionals at the same time can be unnecessary and unbeneficial. Perhaps select the therapist with whom you are seeing the best results for your mental-health issues.

There isn’t necessarily any difference. Psychotherapy is a specific modality of therapy that can be used in individual therapy for mental-health conditions. Psychotherapy traditionally focuses on the root emotional cause of the patient’s problems. It’s a collaborative approach based on the attachment quality of the client-therapist relationship.

It depends on what you want. In individual psychotherapy, you’ll have the therapist’s sole attention, which can lead to faster results. If you’re happy sharing the space with others and their issues, you may be better suited for group therapy.

I'm Ready To Help You Heal