Marriage Counseling Maryland

Get Your Marriage Back On Track

I am a psychotherapist offering in-person and online therapy for marriage counseling in Maryland.

Challenging times as a couple often require a fresh set of eyes on new and chronic problems. I offer relationship therapy that can bring perspective, clarity, and healing.



My Style


I model effective communication. Respect and manners are the foundation of good communication.


We will immediately set goals for your relationship counseling.


Both parties will be asked to identify and be responsible for their part of the conflict.

What Are The Top Reasons For
Marriage Counseling?

Marriage Therapy Secret

I have heard it said: “You women! You always want to change men!” And, ok, maybe that is somewhat true. (Sorry, guys!) But marital therapy is most effective when both partners are willing to be individually responsible and accountable for the “cup of gasoline” they throw on their fire of conflict. After all, the only person we can change in marriage is ourselves.

What Is Your Marriage Counseling IQ?

Did you know the most common couples’ issues are about:

Can Marriage Counseling Save A Marriage?

If your goal for marriage therapy is to save your marriage, your marriage has probably reached a crisis point. If so, consider couples therapy as well as individual therapy for both of you.

How Does Marriage Counseling Work?

3 Things to Expect in Session

1. Rules

Decorum and respect must be observed in the therapy room.

2. Roadmap

We will aim directly for your marriage goals.

3. Maturity

Each party will be responsible for their own emotions and reactions rather than placing blame on their partner.

How Marriage Counseling Can Help You

Marriage counseling can help you understand how you operate emotionally as an individual and as a partner.

5 Good Reasons For Marriage Counseling

When Is The Right Time To Seek Out Marriage Counseling?

The best time to begin marriage counseling is while dating someone seriously. I strongly advise against waiting until after saying “I do!” to discuss difficult issues (money, children, parenting styles, career goals, etc.) But if you’re already married and are struggling, this is the time to start!

There’s a saying “The only couples who don’t fight are the ones who aren’t talking.” Of course, it’s only normal that couples struggle. But when struggles become standoffs, it’s time to call me.

When To Wait To Start Marriage Counseling

Why wait? If there’s a problem you want resolved in your marriage, there’s no time like the present to tackle it.

Pros Of Marriage Counseling

Having another set of eyes on the problems that constantly cycle in a marriage.

Cons Of Marriage Counseling

Having another set of eyes on the problems that constantly cycle in a marriage.


Marriage Counseling Maryland

In my practice, the success of relationship therapy largely depends on the desire and willingness of the couple to resolve their difficult issues using compromise, willingness to change, and the strength of their commitment to one another.

The amount of sessions needed depends upon several factors, including the severity of the couple’s challenging times. Most couples attend therapy for a minimum of five sessions.

If your spouse won’t attend relationship counseling, come for yourself. Use the time to find healing for your own emotional issues and daily life stressors.

In my experience as a marriage therapist, most couples stay together after marriage counseling, unless there’s a critical reason to end the marriage.

Can marriage counseling help after an affair

Yes, marriage counseling can help tremendously after an affair and in unexpected ways.

In the rough patches of marriage, it may be difficult to remember why you chose one another, what brought you together, and what your goals are as a family. Turning to your faith to answer these questions not only brings you closer, but it can re-energize your faith, too.

I’m happy to understand your goals in divorcing well, be it co-parenting strategies or resolving remaining emotional issues.

I'm Ready To Help You Heal