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Online Therapy In Maryland

I am Kessler Bickford, and I am a licensed clinical professional counselor who offers counseling services via online therapy in Maryland.
In my counseling practice, I have found virtual therapy to be an extremely efficient way to tend to your mental health care.
My office is located in Easton, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but my clientele come from almost every county in Maryland.

If you choose to work with me via online sessions, you’ll receive the best of my professional self.

My Therapy Style

Online therapy buyer beware: Not all virtually therapy is of top quality in terms of clinical training and standards. When purchasing therapy from the large, online therapy companies, you cannot know the therapists’ education and training experience.

During online therapy sessions, I am fully tracking with you.

Online Therapy Maryland:
Get The Help You Need Online

I see online therapy sessions as this wonderful gift that allows you the same opportunity at healing as
in-person sessions. My online clients are local, as well located in more distant,
Maryland-based locations.

My clients use online therapy for myriad reasons:

What Can Online Therapy Help With?

I’ve witnessed that online therapy sessions can be just as healing as traditional, in-person therapy.
Online therapy sessions can help with just about any area of emotional concern in your life, including:

Your Relationship with Yourself


Your Relationships with Others


What's The Difference Between Online and In-Person Therapy?

The difference between online therapy and in-person therapy is…subtle.

In virtual therapy, a computer or phone screen separates us, but, in our sessions, it will takes only moments for technology to recede and the warmth of the human experience to come forward. Those who benefit most from online therapy are clients needing the convenience of an instant, streamlined connection that virtual therapy offers.

Is Short-Term Therapy Effective Online?

What makes short-term, online therapy equally as effective as in-person therapy is buy-in from both the therapist and the client. In virtual therapy, if both are committed to the therapy goals and give 100 percent in online therapy, there will be 100 percent return!

What Are The Benefits Of Online Therapy?

The benefits of online therapy include:

What Are The Drawbacks To Online Therapy?

The drawbacks to online therapy are few. The “cons” include not “officially” meeting in person, which sacrifices some of the intimacy of the process. In addition, the process can be a bit more focused when meeting in person versus virtual therapy as there aren’t the distractions of home or work occurring simultaneously. Also, if your house is crowded with family members, online therapy might not afford the privacy necessary to speak freely.

Is Online Therapy Offered All Throughout Maryland?

I’m a licensed therapist in the state of Maryland and can see online therapy clients anywhere throughout the state. My in-person and virtual clients come from:

Online therapy can be just as successfully healing as in-person therapy. The trick is to stay intent, focused, and always pressing toward your therapy goals. I’m here to help you with that process.


Online Therapy Maryland

The length of online therapy varies from patient to patient. It also depends on many factors, including severity of symptoms, severity of anxiety, and time available to meet online.

Online therapy using ISTDP, the modality in which I am trained, is excellent and very effective for anxiety. I had many patients who began online therapy during Covid and had great results.

The online therapy I offer is very good for depression as it allows you to have the experience of working together on your goals as a team rather than do the hard work all alone.

I'm Ready To Help You Heal