Kessler Bickford

I am a pastoral psychotherapist therapist in Easton on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It’s my goal to be deeply useful to those who suffer from emotional struggles and troubling anxiety.


Kessler Bickford, LCPC

I’m a pastoral psychotherapist therapist in Easton on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. I deliver practical, effective treatment using Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, which can quickly pinpoint the root of an emotional problem, offer lasting relief from anxiety, and empower you to independently resolve your anxiety going forward.

Therapy Services Offered

Individual Therapy

If you’re reading this, my guess is that your emotional struggle is not resolving. I’m also guessing that, while your mental health issues are uncomfortable, there may be hesitation to begin individual therapy sessions. The hesitation to begin individual psychotherapy is very normal. If you choose to take the next step and call me, here’s what I’ll say: Bring your hesitation with you, and give us the opportunity to meet. Let’s see if we have the fit for a strong client-therapist relationship.

Shame Treatment

It’s my belief that the reason therapy fails is because it fails to treat shame, the grudges we have against ourselves. You cannot break out of any emotional problem unless you wholeheartedly believe you are valuable enough, lovable enough, worthy enough to fight for. The healing has to start there or the emotional problem you’re up against will continue its chronic cycle. Let’s get you free from the cage of shame so you can begin a life in freedom.

Couples Therapy

I am a psychotherapist offering in-person and online therapy for marriage counseling in Maryland. Challenging times as a couple often require a fresh set of eyes on new and chronic problems. I offer relationship therapy for couples that can bring perspective, clarity, and healing. Please check out my recent blog post on marriage therapy.

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